Beer Camp

Beer Camp takes participants through the process of brewing a small batch of American Pale Ale from milling the malt to pitching the yeast, with ‘hands on’ throughout, guided by instructor Mike Bardallis, a Certified Cicerone® and professional brewer. Samples of ingredients are on hand for participants to see, smell, taste, and evaluate. Concise outlines of the entire process from grain to package are provided. During breaks in the action, a slideshow illustrates the process at larger scales.

The brew day is approximately 8 hours long.

Beer Camp can accommodate 2–5 participants per session. Price is $115 per camper, $105 Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective members. Lunch is included.

Pre registration and prepayment required. Contact Annette to reserve your place and for payment info. See Upcoming Classes for schedule. Attendance is restricted to 21 and older.