Basics of Beer Course

What is malt? What does yeast do? Where do hops come from? How long does it take to make beer? What’s the difference between Lager & Ale? What is a “Hopback”? What is a “Hophead?” Are Porters and Stouts the same? Does India Pale Ale come from India? Does Russian Imperial Stout come from Russia? Is there a style called “Red”? Is there a style called “Blonde”? Is this beer “skunky”? Why is sour beer popular if it tastes like vinegar?

We’ll cover basic brewing technique and ingredients, and an introduction to beer styles and flavours. We’ll taste a handful of beers too!

Class duration is approximately 2-1/2 hours.

$40/student/ $35 Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective members.
Pre registration and prepayment required. Contact Annette to reserve your place and for payment info. See Upcoming Classes for schedule. Attendance is restricted to 21 and older.