Introduction to Beer Styles

Part One:

“Where do I start?”
Do you ever go into a bar or retail beer store and get a little bewildered at the sheer variety of beer styles out there? Sure, you might be able to ask for samples if you are in bar or brewpub, but wouldn’t it be great to just know what that Baltic Porter, Belgian Blonde or Vienna Lager tastes like?
And- how do I know if the beer I’m going to get is fresh? How long does beer last anyway?

* Learn about the most popular beer styles that one sees out there
* Understand which styles last longer and which need to be drunk FRESH

We’ll taste a dozen or so different styles, and talk about a bunch more!

Part Two: (Coming soon!)

We’ll continue the journey with more styles, and we’ll also learn how to evaluate and judge beer, using actual criteria to judge them against. Attendees should either have attended Part One, OR have some experience with different beer styles through work, homebrewing etc.)

More details, including cost, coming soon!